5th January 2018

Pilates stretches

At Achilles Physio, we know that being pregnant can sometimes feel like you’ve lost the capacity to exercise and feel good about your body. But that needn’t be the case. Indeed, by making small and painless changes to your daily routine, you can continue to live a happy and healthy lifestyle with a little one on board!

Continue As Normal

Giving your body a mental and physical boost during pregnancy is proven to have a positive impact on your health, so as long as there are no complications with your pregnancy, you should continue to enjoy your usual exercise routine, whether that’s running, walking or swimming. The key is to listen to your body, so if you feel comfortable, then the sky’s the limit. And remember, your own health is closely related to that of your new arrival, so it’s important for both of you to stay fit and active whilst you’re expecting.

Always Warm Up And Cool Down

When you’re exercising, you should always make sure that you warm up and cool down properly. This means doing a few stretches and making sure you’re loose and ready to exercise. In much the same way, you need to make sure that you allow yourself sufficient time to rest and recuperate after you have exercised. As you’re carrying, it’s important to take extra care to keep both you and the child in good health.

Consider Yoga & Pilates

Trying to do anything too strenuous when you’re pregnant is not easy, which is why many new mothers explore more relaxed forms of exercise to get the job done, including pilates and yoga.

Pilates is something which pregnant women can do to maintain their health without more vigorous forms of exercise and it has the great advantage of improving muscle flexibility, joint mobility and pelvic floor strengthening at a crucial time in your life.


Speak With A Physiotherapist

Another way in which you can keep on exercising when it comes to your pregnancy is to speak to one of our highly-trained physiotherapists. They can advise you on the best kinds of exercise during your pregnancy, and develop a tailored plan to make sure that any aches or pains you develop from carrying the child are minimised.

To sum up, the above tips are designed for expectant mothers who want to live a full and active lifestyle during pregnancy. We realise that every mother is unique, however, if you would like to explore a more personal approach to health and fitness, get in touch with our friendly team of physios today, who will be happy to meet your needs during this exciting and important period of your life.